To break or not to break?

Sometimes self-care means taking a break…
other times a break can break you [r willpower]

I took almost a month off from Instagram and blogging over the holidays. I wish I could say that I made an intentional choice to spend time with myself and/or my family. But honestly, I just sort of spiraled out of my routine!

It started with getting sick with the flu for NINE DAYS! I wasn’t able to function at all during that time. I wasn’t eating, moving caused tons of coughing and shortness-of-breath, and my body hurt just sitting. So during that week, I didn’t even think about meditating in the morning. I couldn’t get up and walk in nature because I just couldn’t walk. I didn’t light candles or pull cards because I didn’t leave my bed.

So in that week, I developed new habits—and they weren’t good. They were suuuuuuuuper lazy and not centered around my usual self-care activities. One week bled into another week of not exercising, reading, and journaling. It wasn’t until a friend asked me about my practice that I truly noticed how long I’d been out of it. Sometimes taking a break is EXACTLY what your mind and body needs. Other times, a break can birth negative habits.

In my case, this break was breaking me. So I had to snap myself out of it. All it took was three “easy” steps:

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Live your best [holiday] life

Self-love thinking and behavior in addition to self-care practices are some of the best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season. It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities and lose sight of our feelings and goals.

Two Christmases ago, I had an actual break-down. Leading up to the trip back to home, I had all these ideas in my head about how the week would be. And then of course, none of those pretty pictures happened. I spent a ton of time thinking about the perfect holiday we were going to have and a ton of money trying to make it come true, only to have the week completely fail to live up to the dream in my head.

Nothing tragic happened, but I did get the opportunity to figure out why I felt bad and vow to never go through that experience again.

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