The Newbie’s Guide to Creating Sacred Spaces

As I started to dip my toes into self-care practices, the idea of “sacred spaces” and “altars” kept coming up. I liked the idea of creating a self-care space where I could reflect, be quiet, go inside, and get centered. I wanted to have a special place to renew my connection with myself and God.

So I did what any good millennial would do, and I consulted hundreds of Instagram accounts and blog posts. There were a ton of pictures of cool spaces or brief “how to” articles. Some seemed extremely religious-focused while others were super fancy and waaaaaaaaay out of my budget. I recognized several things during this research phase:

-My teeny-tiny, barely one-bedroom apartment couldn’t house a huge altar or separate space (so I needed it to be functional and/or transitional)

-I wanted to include a variety of different spiritual mementos, but they seemed to clash aesthetically

-I had an idea about things that I liked or wanted to include in my space, but I didn’t know exactly what I was going to be doing in this space

These realizations helped me get clear about my process for creating my self-care space. If you are a self-care newbie like I was, or a seasoned veteran who wants to recreate, follow the simple steps below to create your perfect space. Continue reading

The Newbie’s Ultimate Self-Care Guide

When I first got into the ‘Life Coach’ world, the word self-care was tossed around as often as a sports fan mentions this week’s game. I felt silly because I didn’t really know what self-care was (beyond a basic definition) and I definitely didn’t have a regular self-care practice. After a couple of weeks of internet searches and many one-on-one conversations, I started to understand this brave new world. For the next few months, I started experimenting with different practices and spaces. Now, a full year later, I have a regular self-care routine in a sacred space I created in my home.

This guide is a creation of love for you based on all the self-care wisdom I collected. Enjoy! Continue reading