To break or not to break?

Sometimes self-care means taking a break…
other times a break can break you [r willpower]

I took almost a month off from Instagram and blogging over the holidays. I wish I could say that I made an intentional choice to spend time with myself and/or my family. But honestly, I just sort of spiraled out of my routine!

It started with getting sick with the flu for NINE DAYS! I wasn’t able to function at all during that time. I wasn’t eating, moving caused tons of coughing and shortness-of-breath, and my body hurt just sitting. So during that week, I didn’t even think about meditating in the morning. I couldn’t get up and walk in nature because I just couldn’t walk. I didn’t light candles or pull cards because I didn’t leave my bed.

So in that week, I developed new habits—and they weren’t good. They were suuuuuuuuper lazy and not centered around my usual self-care activities. One week bled into another week of not exercising, reading, and journaling. It wasn’t until a friend asked me about my practice that I truly noticed how long I’d been out of it. Sometimes taking a break is EXACTLY what your mind and body needs. Other times, a break can birth negative habits.

In my case, this break was breaking me. So I had to snap myself out of it. All it took was three “easy” steps:

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