12 Days of (Christmas/Holiday/Seasonal) Goodness

I’m taking some liberties, as the ’12 Days of Christmas’ doesn’t actually start until Christmas…but I like the idea of doing a fun, self-care countdown to the holidays.

Sometimes the holidays are tough. We might be feeling grief or loneliness. Other times, holidays are full of joy and cheer. Regardless of your starting place, find time to connect to yourself and to joy during this season.  

My 12 intentions this holiday season include:

  1. Going outside and breathing in the winter air
  2. Baking some cookies
  3. Lighting candles
  4. Getting cozy
  5. Dancing
  6. Writing handwritten love notes
  7. Giving back in time and talent
  8. Enjoying alone time without my phone too!
  9. Drinking hot cocoa with a zillion marshmallows
  10. Dressing all sorts of festive
  11. Treating myself to some facial fun
  12. Hosting a dinner party extravaganza 

 Challenge yourself to do (at least 12) activities that will help you relax, de-stress, find cheer, and connect to others this holiday season. 

Go outside

Bake some cookies

Light a candle

Get cozy under a blanket

Have a dance party

Write (and send) a card

Give back

Enjoy alone time

Drink some hot cocoa

Dress festive

Treat yo-self

Dinner party realness

Friend, connect to yourself and others this holiday season. xoxo Mo

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