Nine Nifty Nuggets of Self-Care

Seasons change and so do we. Adult me loves the taste of mushrooms and bonding with people over food. Fall me loves drinking hot tea and sitting by fires pondering about life. Stressed me likes watching Ellen YouTube videos to smile and laugh and forget about the mess for a second. Spiritual me meditates and talks God on the regular. Current me is spending more time focused on me and what makes me show up as my best, most authentic self in my everyday life.

People always ask me about my self-care routine, and to be honest it changes! Sometimes I spend 2+ hours a day for weeks, other times I spend 10 minutes a day. I might combine a couple of different practices or delve deep into one. For me, the routine is thinking about myself and my current needs and then choosing an action of self-love that feels best in that moment.

I compiled a list of my nine ‘go to’ self-care tips for anyone at any time. The perfectionist in me wanted to add a tenth tip just to round things out—but that didn’t feel genuine. Plus, the number 9 is a symbol of wisdom and is highly emotional and spiritual so…it’s perfect, right?

Nine Nifty Nuggets of Self-Care (in no particular order):

1)     ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE—something, anything, at least one thing a day.


Once a year (for the past couple of years), I challenge myself to a month of gratitude. I call it the ‘Attitude of Gratitude 30-Day Challenge’ and I post a daily live video to my social media accounts. I love this practice because it forces you to find something in your day to be grateful for, even if it was a tough day. Whether you speak your gratitudes out loud or journal them, this can be a powerful self-care practice of positivity.

2)     SOUND OF SILENCE—meditate, pray, pull oracle cards, journal, chillax all cool.


Some people say that silence is deafening. Other people say that silence is golden. I think that it can be both! Adding quiet time into your daily routine can provide a much needed break from business as usual. Spending time in silence focusing on your breath, connecting to God (or source or spirit or love or the universe), and listening to your own heart can be awakening. 

3)     AFFIRMATIVE—talk love to errybody, including yourself.


Affirmations can do wonders. Consider adding personal affirmations to your daily self-care practice. Before I get out of bed in the morning I vocalize my personal affirmations. Currently, mine are “I am thankful for my life. I am powerful. I am love and attract love into my life.”

4)     SAY IT (DON’T SPRAY IT)—no, no, no, no, no.


Let’s practice, “Nuuh-oooooh. No.” Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is say no. To people, to events, to things that aren’t serving you. 

5)     GET YOUR GROOVE ON—move yo body.


Do something that gets your juices flowing and gives your brain a break. Self-care is about being in-tune with what your body wants or needs. If you’re feeling restless, or stressed, or sluggish move your body! Dance around, sign up for a fitness class, play a pick-up game, hit the gym, grab a yoga mat, or take a walk.

6)     YOU DO YOU BOO BOO—take a little ‘me time’ without people or technology.


Add a Netflix and chill date with yourself to the calendar. Curl up in a chair with a good book or your trusty journal. Take time away from social media, phone calls, emails and people. This allows you to completely turn off and breathe. Self-care is about taking are of yourself–and sometimes you gotta be completely by yourself to do that.

7)     SCOUT’S HONOR—feel your feels then move on.


Feelings are neither good or bad, they just are. We often judge them as positives or negatives. Sometimes the best self-care is to just feel. It’s okay to be upset if that feeling is serving you in the moment. Maybe the upset is fueling you to make a change in your life that you wouldn’t be able to do without that motivation.

8)     CIRCULAR FILE—get rid of the clutter (things & people) in your life.


It can be cathartic to throw things away. Sort your junk drawer. Reorganize your closet. Throw away the ‘garbage people’ you have been holding onto because of shared history but no current reason. What could you cut out of your life as an act of kindness to yourself?

9)     FIND YOUR TRIBE—positive vibe tribe.


Unconditional acceptance (the kind of thing you find when you find soul friends) is time in your life when you can just be. When you can completely relax and show up 100% authentic you are able to care for yourself in such a rich way.

Pick a practice, or two, or seven! Try them on for size. Remember to choose what feels right (or kind) for you and your body in the moment. xoxo Mo

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