To break or not to break?

Sometimes self-care means taking a break…
other times a break can break you [r willpower]

I took almost a month off from Instagram and blogging over the holidays. I wish I could say that I made an intentional choice to spend time with myself and/or my family. But honestly, I just sort of spiraled out of my routine!

It started with getting sick with the flu for NINE DAYS! I wasn’t able to function at all during that time. I wasn’t eating, moving caused tons of coughing and shortness-of-breath, and my body hurt just sitting. So during that week, I didn’t even think about meditating in the morning. I couldn’t get up and walk in nature because I just couldn’t walk. I didn’t light candles or pull cards because I didn’t leave my bed.

So in that week, I developed new habits—and they weren’t good. They were suuuuuuuuper lazy and not centered around my usual self-care activities. One week bled into another week of not exercising, reading, and journaling. It wasn’t until a friend asked me about my practice that I truly noticed how long I’d been out of it. Sometimes taking a break is EXACTLY what your mind and body needs. Other times, a break can birth negative habits.

In my case, this break was breaking me. So I had to snap myself out of it. All it took was three “easy” steps:

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Live your best [holiday] life

Self-love thinking and behavior in addition to self-care practices are some of the best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season. It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities and lose sight of our feelings and goals.

Two Christmases ago, I had an actual break-down. Leading up to the trip back to home, I had all these ideas in my head about how the week would be. And then of course, none of those pretty pictures happened. I spent a ton of time thinking about the perfect holiday we were going to have and a ton of money trying to make it come true, only to have the week completely fail to live up to the dream in my head.

Nothing tragic happened, but I did get the opportunity to figure out why I felt bad and vow to never go through that experience again.

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12 Days of (Christmas/Holiday/Seasonal) Goodness

I’m taking some liberties, as the ’12 Days of Christmas’ doesn’t actually start until Christmas…but I like the idea of doing a fun, self-care countdown to the holidays.

Sometimes the holidays are tough. We might be feeling grief or loneliness. Other times, holidays are full of joy and cheer. Regardless of your starting place, find time to connect to yourself and to joy during this season.  

My 12 intentions this holiday season include:

  1. Going outside and breathing in the winter air
  2. Baking some cookies
  3. Lighting candles
  4. Getting cozy
  5. Dancing
  6. Writing handwritten love notes
  7. Giving back in time and talent
  8. Enjoying alone time without my phone too!
  9. Drinking hot cocoa with a zillion marshmallows
  10. Dressing all sorts of festive
  11. Treating myself to some facial fun
  12. Hosting a dinner party extravaganza 
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Surviving the Holidaze: A Self-Care Checklist

The holidays are the best and worst of times—for me at least! I love spending time with my peoples but find it difficult to keep up with my chosen lifestyle habits when I’m around my family and friends who don’t have any sort of health or spiritual wellness regime. (I may or may not have reverted to the 15-year-old version of myself two years ago…)

New places, old relationships, and different schedules can throw our self-care routines all out of whack. How did I avoid the inner-turmoil last year? I PREPARED! I thought about the actions that I needed to do to show up as my best self for my family and then created a plan to make sure that I stayed true my intentions.

I hope you find the following checklist useful for your holiday preparation!

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Nine Nifty Nuggets of Self-Care

Seasons change and so do we. Adult me loves the taste of mushrooms and bonding with people over food. Fall me loves drinking hot tea and sitting by fires pondering about life. Stressed me likes watching Ellen YouTube videos to smile and laugh and forget about the mess for a second. Spiritual me meditates and talks God on the regular. Current me is spending more time focused on me and what makes me show up as my best, most authentic self in my everyday life.

People always ask me about my self-care routine, and to be honest it changes! Sometimes I spend 2+ hours a day for weeks, other times I spend 10 minutes a day. I might combine a couple of different practices or delve deep into one. For me, the routine is thinking about myself and my current needs and then choosing an action of self-love that feels best in that moment.

I compiled a list of my nine ‘go to’ self-care tips for anyone at any time. The perfectionist in me wanted to add a tenth tip just to round things out—but that didn’t feel genuine. Plus, the number 9 is a symbol of wisdom and is highly emotional and spiritual so…it’s perfect, right?
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The Newbie’s Guide to Creating Sacred Spaces

As I started to dip my toes into self-care practices, the idea of “sacred spaces” and “altars” kept coming up. I liked the idea of creating a self-care space where I could reflect, be quiet, go inside, and get centered. I wanted to have a special place to renew my connection with myself and God.

So I did what any good millennial would do, and I consulted hundreds of Instagram accounts and blog posts. There were a ton of pictures of cool spaces or brief “how to” articles. Some seemed extremely religious-focused while others were super fancy and waaaaaaaaay out of my budget. I recognized several things during this research phase:

-My teeny-tiny, barely one-bedroom apartment couldn’t house a huge altar or separate space (so I needed it to be functional and/or transitional)

-I wanted to include a variety of different spiritual mementos, but they seemed to clash aesthetically

-I had an idea about things that I liked or wanted to include in my space, but I didn’t know exactly what I was going to be doing in this space

These realizations helped me get clear about my process for creating my self-care space. If you are a self-care newbie like I was, or a seasoned veteran who wants to recreate, follow the simple steps below to create your perfect space. Continue reading

The Newbie’s Ultimate Self-Care Guide

When I first got into the ‘Life Coach’ world, the word self-care was tossed around as often as a sports fan mentions this week’s game. I felt silly because I didn’t really know what self-care was (beyond a basic definition) and I definitely didn’t have a regular self-care practice. After a couple of weeks of internet searches and many one-on-one conversations, I started to understand this brave new world. For the next few months, I started experimenting with different practices and spaces. Now, a full year later, I have a regular self-care routine in a sacred space I created in my home.

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